Monday, June 12, 2017

Pittsburgh Trip

Our nephew and godson Nate graduated from high school this past weekend, so we held a quick lottery to see which Franks would be selected to go to Pittsburgh for the festivities.  Colsen and Miles, sadly, were not chosen, so they remained at Nonna and Poppa's -- where, happily, a super-fun Cousins Camp was planned!

The rest of us headed north and I spent about 87% of the hours in car reflecting on how much easier car trips are without babies, toddlers, and whiny preschoolers.  This was Jinna Rai's first long trip and she did great!  She understood we would be driving allll day, and she didn't complain once.

Meeting all of the family members once we got there overwhelmed her briefly, but after spending some time playing with little tiny figurines (her favorite kind) with Grace in her bedroom, she was ready to handle the rest of the crowd.  By the end of the weekend she knew who everyone was and was thrilled to spend time with any of them.  (Grace remained her favorite, though, by a long shot!)

 On Saturday the whole family spend some time driving around the Burgh, visiting various spots of importance in Nate's life -- his schools, first home, soccer fields, etc.

Then in the afternoon the guys decided to go to a Pirates game while the girls went to a coffee shop and playground.

It was fun to see and experience aspects of the Boyers' life and community, and we're all so proud of Nate!  Now he heads off to Gordon College this fall... New chapters await!

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