Thursday, May 31, 2018

Memorial Day Camping Trip

The annual Wray Family Montreat Camping Trip was a big success this year... despite there being a 100% chance of rain forecasted, and a 100% actuality of rain.

This year the girls and I actually stayed overnight!  We are such troopers, such hardy campers, such adventurers....  Not really.  We stayed in the Assembly Inn right next to the campground!  And we definitely stayed dry.

The real campers generally stayed pretty dry overnight, too... and only had to change clothes an average of 2.1 times a day if they were older than 12, and 16.3 times a day if they were younger than 12.

The main points of entertainment this year were Lillian training all of her fans....

.... and the traditional Lookout Hike (when Miles did his best to fall off the top)

...Oh, and Dad getting locked out of his tent:

Other than that it was just a lot of sitting around and eating for the adults and a lot of running around and eating for the kids.

Ti, Mi, and Kai all in red shirts

So, as I said, a big success!

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