Sunday, August 26, 2007

Back to School

Tomorrow will be our first day of school this year... and we're all excited!


We celebrated our last few days of summer by going to Nonna and Poppa's to swim with Ellie and Ava, and by getting Chick Fil-A for dinner.  Then, last night we had a special "Treasure Hunt."  Based on the principles from Proverbs and Colossians that knowledge is better than precious gold, and is a mystery to be sought out in Christ, we let the kids hunt around for treasures that they will be using in school this year.  (Basically we just hid a bunch of the new books and workbooks I've gotten, as well as other school supplies and some extra fun stuff)  They had a great time running around the house finding everything and putting it in our Treasure Box.   We are doing a curriculum based on world geography this year, so Strider even found a passport and a book with flag stickers of various countries; as we "travel" to each of the different countries this year, he'll be able to put the stickers in his passport.


(Then this morning Strider re-hid a lot of the things for Rayna to find again... I remember re-doing Easter egg hunts as a kid myself!)

So we're set to go now...  We have our detailed schedule all printed out -- it maps out every half-hour for the week.  Of course I realize we'll only probably stick to it exactly on approximately 4 days out of the year.  But maybe tomorrow will be one of them!

Now we're off to bed soon...  Hopefully tonight will be more restful than last night, during which 80% of us were up between 3:30 and 5 am.  (Only Strider "the rock" slept through it all).  So good night.


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  1. :) 4 days out of the year, eh? Yep...sounds like our house. Good to know we're not the only ones. Have a blast tomorrow!