Sunday, August 5, 2007

Seen and heard 'round the house

Here are a few examples of the goofy things we see and hear all the time living with these crazy kids...


I came into the living room yesterday to find Strider and Rayna taking turns standing on our ottoman (while the other one sat on the couch as the "audience") giving, what I found out to be, "Presidential speeches."  Strider explained it to me, "You know, Mom, how the guy who wants to be President gives speeches before he's President so people will vote for him.  That's what we're doing."

So I listened for a moment.... Here are a couple excerpts (both delivered in very austere tones, deep voices and with straight posture as they stood on the ottoman):

Strider:.... So if you go to, you'll find a picture of me there.  You can click on it and send me an email.

Rayna:  .... And then I'll clean the kitchen, and then I'll clean the other rooms...  (I thought this was wise:  only promise something specific that you know you can do!)


Rayna has been learning the books of the Bible (just finished the Old Testament!), and we've been very proud of her memory.  But it's also been funny to see how the wires get even more crossed in her head, the more knowledge she puts in it!  The other day I asked her, "Rayna, who loves you soooo much?"  and she rightly answered, "God."  Then I asked her who else loves her so much (intending to her "Mommy and Daddy").  Instead she promptly answered, "Amos."    Another day we were asking her what her last name is, and without a pause she answered, "Obadiah."  Oh well.


Colsen is giving us a whole new glimpse into the word "headstrong."  He always likes to act like he's in control -- always lifts his head forward and up when he's in car seat or stroller (I just want to tell him "you CAN relax you know, Buddy!")... and now that he's crawling he literally pushes his head into any barrier that gets in his way!  He's still dramatic too.  When he's hungry, he'll crawl towards me a certain amount, crying, and then he'll just faceplant right on the floor and wail away.  

And, he's getting increasingly quicker, now that he's mobile.  Yesterday Pete had him up on the changing table to change his diaper.  Pete bent down to get some diapers out of a box on the floor, and in that couple seconds, Colsen flipped over, got up on all fours, and put his hands on Pete's back!


I asked Rayna the other day what she wants to be when she grows up.  She answered, "A woman."  Can't argue with that.  But I did try to push her a little bit, so I asked her what kind of job she would want to have, and she said "to teach people."  I guess we'll see!  Strider, meanwhile, added his own comments (as we all know he is wont to do):
"Everyone says they want to be a fireman or something.  Why do they want to do that?  I don't.  I want to be a Senator."  Then he added, "Or a basketball player."  Guess he is a typical boy after all.



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