Saturday, August 18, 2007

Rayna's birthday

Rayna turned


"THIS MANY" this week, and I think she had a good birthday.  We had a few different events for her:  lunch out with Nonna, dinner with Uncle Dan, Aunt Katie and Uncle Graham, ice cream out, and a special outing at Build-A-Bear with her friend Elizabeth.  Here are some of the pictures...















Rayna named her new bear "Ishi-Lana"  Don't ask me why... and don't ask me if that's the right spelling.  But she's been insisting on this name for a few days now, so that's what it is!  It's her new "friend" and she loves playing with it.

Strider also went to Build-A-Bear when he turned 5... it's been a fun tradition.  And now their 2 bears can "play together" as they say.  :)




Sorry this posting is so disorganized.  My head is too.  And I still can't quite the hang of this site!


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