Monday, November 10, 2014

Air show birthday party

Colsen's birthday always coincides nicely with the Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show, so this year he decided it would be a fun activity for his birthday party.

As we were arriving, we saw this plane doing all kinds of loops, flips, and dives in the sky -- and then we realized there was a person standing on it!!!!  And then we found out it was a young woman!!  Completely crazy.

The end of the afternoon was very exciting -- Japanese war planes came diving in dropping bombs and making all kinds of explosions as a radio announcer gave us a rendition of what it would have been like at Pearl Harbor in 1941.  Very dramatic.  Tora Tora Tora!!

After the dust settled and the Americans surprised us all with a big grand finale and the dust settled again, we came home for some good ol' cupcakes and snacks.

 Since this was the world's easiest birthday party and I felt a little guilty for not having to put a little more effort into it, I copied these things that I found on Pinterest.

But, after laboring over 3 of them, I decided the boys probably wouldn't eat them anyway, so decided to make them more of the centerpiece.  Sure enough, there was still 1 left after the party was over.  :)

We were missing of Colsen's buddies due to travel and illness, but the group that came was a cheerful, fun bunch!

.... And of course there's always a photo bomber in the midst;

A few extra cousins, sister, grandpa, aunt and uncle rounded out the celebration.  Fun day!!

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