Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scenes from Thanksgiving

This year was a little unusual for us since most of the Wray family up and left for sunnier skies in California (and to see John, Keiko, Sammy and Sophie).  But we, the Clarks, and Mor-Mor remained behind, imported Bud and Jane from Ohio, and ended up with a very nice holiday weekend.

We had the traditional football game on Thanksgiving day...
 .... and the traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Here is the adult table:
 We prepared 10 different homemade from-scratch dishes for this meal, but when asked which part was her favorite, Hannah chose the one store-bought item!  (As would all the kids, I bet)
 Afterwards we played a little game guessing who wrote which thing they were thankful for.... and I annoyed Strider by trying to take his picture with the grands:

 It was a very delightful day!

Then on Friday after lots of leaf-raking...

... we had a second Thanksgiving meal, this time with next-door neighbors Wayne and Jo-Ellen (who bring awesome food).

Then we played a few games.

Somewhere along the way someone got a hold of my camera and snapped these candids:

 .... and he got a pretty nice shot of the tree.

Now today we're headed next-door for the BIG GAME (I'm told).... the partying continues!

Thankful for all these fun people around me.

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