Thursday, December 11, 2014

Church celebration

Sunday evening was Redeemer's dual-purpose celebration:  Jesus' birthday AND the church's birthday.  So, after a barbecue dinner, we were treated to a variety of special performances.

Rayna, Colsen, Miles, their friends, and their teacher all played their violins for a few songs.

Video sample:

(That's me playing the accompanying piano!)

Then Colsen quickly changed into his costume to assume the role of King Herod in the children's pageant -- which was a complete riot.  The lines were funny, the kids were unpredictable and funny, and we all had a great time watching.  One of my favorite parts was watching Colsen "die" by falling out of his throne onto the floor, and the scootching away behind the curtain.

To commemorate the church's anniversary, I was asked to write a script for a slide-show/video.  Here is the finished product:

Church of the Redeemer Birthday Video

Our church community is so awesome!

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