Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Fighting in the Revolution

I took the younger 2 boys to Latta Plantation last week for one of their homeschool days, and they had such a "blast!"  (Rayna was spending the day with her grandparents.)

They learned all about the Continental army and the Loyalists and the Redcoats and the plight of the soldiers... it was quite fascinating.

Then, the commander got them all lined up and started "drilling" them:

Drills like this (video):

After he decided they passed muster, he handed them all muskets!

They were divided into 2 camps and started shooting at each other. (Cole and Milo were Brits)
Colsen and Miles both kept hitting the ground.... good technique I guess?

Afterwards we were able to tour the big house, and then hear a presentation by a man pretending to be a slave, telling about their lifestyle and showing the objects they used to use in their cabins.

Finally, it was time to meet "Father Christmas."

The field trip came at the perfect time because we had just arrived at the point of the Revolutionary War in our books and co-op class,  Over the last week whenever I read to them, they always want to use their break afterwards to run out in the backyard and pretend to fight as soldiers.  The other day Miles had the BB gun, since he was a British soldier, and Colsen, the poor Colonist soldier had to make-do with 2-by-4's, saws, etc.

I love seeing them so excited about history!

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