Tuesday, December 9, 2014

St. Nicholas Day

Saturday night was our big St. Nicholas Day celebration, and, as always, it's one of our favorite days of the year.  This time we assembled the "original" crew -- the same families we celebrated with back in 2007.  The families, and kids, have grown significantly since then!  It was fun to have several teenagers in the mix this time... They all used to be so cute and little!



Back to 2014:

After our St. Nicholas bingo game and loud and crazy dinner (which ended with the adults trying to have intense conversations about sermons, church polity, and spiritual needs while the big boys were racing through with little, shirtless boys on their backs), we got the crew outside from some shenanigans in the dark.

Love this crew:  2 boys from each family!  (We sent them all in Blair's car.)

After this fun time with friends, it was time to get back home and get the little ones to bed.... "with hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there!"

Our neighborhood always nicely times their Christmas celebration near St. Nicholas Day, so this year again our kids to to see Santa during our Santa weekend!

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