Friday, January 16, 2015

A moment in time

Once in awhile I feel like time is flying by and I just want to capture these little folks before they completely change.  So a couple days ago I set up little 1-minute photo shoots so I can remember them just as they are right now!

He had "enough" after about 20 seconds

Does mothering get any better than this stage??  I love it right now.

And I'm having one of those moments to savor even this afternoon:

Strider and 3 of his friends are playing pickleball and tetherball; Rayna is doing homework at the dining room table without me nagging her; Colsen and Miles are out in the garage "organizing" their tools and workbench; and the house even smells good because I'm making molasses cookies.  Yes, savoring this afternoon.

 (I had to take pictures through the window so Strider wouldn't be embarrassed!)

 (But I can't sit here enjoying it too long... I'm off to tutor a student at the library for the SAT.... but I enjoy that, too.  :)  )

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