Monday, January 12, 2015

Some NC representatives of the Buckeye Nation

So tonight is the championship football game between Ohio State and some other team.  If you lived in my house, you wouldn't be able to forget that fact for longer than 3 seconds in a row.  The kids are PUMPED about this game.... 75% of them are mostly just excited about the game-watching party at Jo and Wayne's house, but they're pretending they're intense fans anyway.

This is how each of them came down for dinner tonight -- ensembles completely created by themselves.

The OSU fight song has been playing in the background, the red marker is being passed around for some skin writing, and everyone is counting down the moments until we can go over and have some snacks celebrate the Buckeyes.

Pete is also VERY excited.  He's wearing ALL 3 of his OSU shirts at the same time (good thing it's a cold day).  Unfortunately he ducked ran out for a meeting this evening first so I didn't get a picture of him.  This one, which one of the kids took of him the other day, will have to suffice.  It's the appropriate facial expression if not the exact outfit.

Strider, of course, is over the moon about this game, and he won't even be distracted by the snacks tonight.  He keeps begging me to let him go to the party without a shirt on, but even though it IS right next door, I'm insisting upon a little decorum.  He's now experimenting with wearing a crop shirt and writing an emblem on his stomach.

This has actually been quite a big weekend for him, since his other favorite team had a big playoff game yesterday.  I came down yesterday morning to find our living room looking like this:

Let's hope the team tonight fares better than yesterday's did!

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