Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wild Birds

We've had a hawk in the backyard lately -- Colsen says it's a Cooper's Hawk.  He (she?) has been fun to watch but I never manage to have the camera nearby when we see him/her.  (Inevitably the boys run outside and try to talk to it and scare it away.)

Colsen did catch a few images on the camera one morning, though, while I was upstairs...

Of course Colsen announced soon thereafter that he wanted his future career to be a "nature photographer."  He still plans his careers pretty much hourly.  (Today's included being on a SWAT team and lawyer.)

Another day, the hawk was here (out our window):

Then, today, as we were out on a walk, we spotted this guy:
 And then when we had passed the house, Colsen looked back and noticed there were actually 2 up there -- one on the back part of the roof!

Meanwhile, inside the house...  Some BIRD-BRAIN did this to my wall last week:
He put this little sign over it....
 .... which, I have to admit, made me smile.

But he's still learning how to patch walls this weekend!

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