Saturday, February 28, 2015

At home a lot

The past couple weeks have been rather uneventful, but in the interest of recording the "ordinary days" for time to time, I will write this boring post.

  A few Sort-Of-Snow-Days cancelled a lot of our activities, and then this past week we were hit with a mild form of the flu.  Each day about 2 family members have been a little under the weather, which means I've been playing nurse for awhile now.  (It's getting old.)

We've been playing games and doing some puzzles, mostly just reading books for school or hanging out.  Pete and Strider are gone for a few days at a debate tournament, so it's been even quieter than usual.

Earlier this week, though, I had a party with some of the other moms from church.  (Yay for adult interaction!)  My kids kept following me around as I was getting things ready, asking questions like, "So WHO is coming?"  "Why are just moms coming??"  "What are you going to DO?"  "You mean you're just going to talk?"  "Isn't that a boring party?"  "What food can we eat??"

These tulips are left over from that party, and they've been giving me joy all week -- even when it's dismal outside and there are people coughing inside!

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