Thursday, February 19, 2015

Brothers and the Ties that bind -- or look cool

Strider has come home from school a few times relating some conversations he and the other students have had about how their various teachers tie their ties.  They wonder if one particular instructor uses a Windsor knot, or why another one ties his so that it goes longer than his belt.  (There is no shortage of things kids can focus on when they're supposed to be focusing on schoolwork!)

Anyway, eventually Strider became so curious that he decided to start learning how to tie various tie knots.  On to Youtube he went, and his little curious brothers were not far behind.  Now the 3 of them have been walking around with various ties on all week.  Colsen likes to tie it all on his hand first, and then slip it over his head.

Their ensembles often are humorous, but hey, they're wearing ties.  I'm proud.

Of course, as soon as I pulled out the camera, Strider had to look all annoyed...

Rayna, not to be left out, came down dressed like this later!

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