Friday, January 15, 2016

Colsen's critiques

Photo by Kharis Photography
Colsen:  Mom, do you think Germans are stupid?
Me:  No!
Colsen:  Well, I do.  I mean, who thought of the idea of letting a cabbage ROT and then eating it?!  I mean, I guess I like the taste of sauerkraut ok, but who thought of that idea???  Why would they just let it rot??  I like how they came up with streudel and bratwurst, but rotten cabbage… that’s just weird.


While we were driving in the car a couple weeks ago, the song "Tender Tennessee Christmas" came on.  Pete turned to me and said, "Colsen doesn't like this song."
Just then Colsen piped up from the back seat, "Oh no!  I don't like this song!"
I thought it was weird that he wouldn't -- it's not like him to not like sweet things.
Then he explained:  "This song is so weird!  It says she would rather be in Tennessee than COLORADO!  Why would anyone want to do that??  Colorado is awesome!"


After seeing part of a Presidential debate...
"That Bernie Sanders, he's just horrible.  He says all the millionaires and billionaires should pay the poor people!"

Me (trying to see what he really thought):  But doesn't that sound good?

Colsen:  No, because then EVERYONE would be saying, "I'm poor!  I'm poor!  Pay ME!"  and then no one would do any jobs and then no jobs would get done!


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