Monday, January 25, 2016

Strider's speculations

Strider:  What’s that Tom Hanks movie “Big” about?
Me:  It’s about a boy who wishes to be big, so then he finds himself in a man’s body, but he’s still really a young boy inside.
Strider: Oh - -like Cam Newton!


Strider: Mom, I’ve started getting really good emails from colleges and they REALLY want me to come there!  I mean, they’re, like, hand-written emails!
Me: Hand-written, Strider??
Strider: Why are you laughing?  Oh, I get it now.


Strider: I don’t like how my teacher does the math extra credit points.  He starts us off with negative 5 points off our next test and then gives us extra problems in class, and if we get them right we get more points, but if we get them wrong, we lost points. But they’re super-hard, so only the smart kids can get them right.  It’s like hyper-capitalism!  The smarter kids just get more points, and the weaker kids get even less!

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