Saturday, January 23, 2016

Milo's Remarks

Miles walked up to me and sweetly said, "Mom, you're pretty."  He hugged me and then started to comment about how his arms wouldn't reach all the way around me.  "Are you trying to tell me I'm fat?!" I asked him.  "No," he tactfully said, "You're, what's the word?.... WIDE."

*I would just like to note that he was hugging me around my HIPS - -not my waist.  :)


Miles when he wanted something he couldn't have:
"I BEGGETH THEE, Mom.  I beggeth thee with 2 Pretty Pleases and a cherry on top, and a cherry on top of all THAT!"


Miles brought this home from his class this week. The kids were all told to create a design out of wax sticks for art -- most made flowers or landscapes or whatever. Miles wrote “POTUS.” I asked him what it meant and he responded, “You know -- President of the United States.” Then I asked him why he chose to write this instead of making a picture. He said, “It’s all I could think of.”

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