Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Conversation about.... yo-yo strings

Mark this down as another conversation I never imagined I would have:

Colsen:  Look, Mom!  I made this yo-yo string!  It works great!

Me:  Wait -- you made it?  How??

Colsen:  Well, I took the polyester thread from my fly-tying kit and used a length twice as long as I needed and twisted 6 strands together.  I was going to use Dad's drill to twist them but I couldn't find.  Plus... it's a power tool and I knew I shouldn't just use that.  So I connected them to my yo-yo and spun it around a whole bunch of times until the tension built up.  Now it works great!

Me:  But... WHY are you making your own strings?

Colsen:  Because then they're free!  Or, only the cost of the thread.

Me:  But.... do you need more than one string??

Colsen:  Mom!  I can go through about a string A DAY!  Well maybe not quite that often, but I go through a LOT!  I just paid $8.00 to buy 10 new strings!

Me:  Huh.

Colsen:  And you know, Mom, the color of the string really matters....

Me:  Just be careful, Bud.  I don't want you to get TOO obsessed with this.

Colsen:  Oh I know!  That's why I always have more than one hobby, so I don't get too obsessed.  Like right now I have fishing, yo-yo-ing, soccer, piano and building with balsa wood.  So don't show me any more videos, ok?  I don't want to get any more hobbies!   Actually... I do want to learn about kendamas.  Have you heard about kendamas?  I think you should watch some videos about them Mom... They have really cool physics involved!  Can we look that up?

Here we go....

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  1. I told you he is one in a million. Tell him when I come over I am going to teach him some new hobbies :) - and that Ithink he may have just found a way to finance the fly fishing trip he is going to take to Montana one day - I bet there is a market for homemade custom yo yo strings - seriously...