Monday, February 13, 2017

Really, a whole day of Milestones

Sunday was a big day for Jinna, but in terms of hours spent celebrating, it was an even bigger day for Miles.  We not only had family over for lunch after the big service at church, but also had a birthday party for Miles later in the afternoon as well!

Uncle Dan stepped in to lead the group in some awesome games.  The party was high energy and full of squeals and laughter!

Miles picked out the food for his party.  This:
Assembled by Poppa!
 .... and this....

.... and an ice cream cake, of which I got no pictures.  12 hyper children clamoring for cake and a windy day that keeps causing the candles to blow out makes for a high-pressure situation, and sometimes the photo-taking has to be abandoned.

Then we sent out all the kids into the woods for a big Candy Hunt... and then we sent them home with all their sugar and sugared-up bodies.

So it was a very fun party!  Happy 8th birthday, Milo!!  We love who you are and who you are becoming!

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