Sunday, February 12, 2017

Jinna Rai's Baptism

What a meaningful day for us today!  Our two youngest children both had significant spiritual events.  When Miles was baptized 7+ years ago we hoped and prayed that someday he would proclaim faith in God, which he did today.  And today Jinna was baptized, brought into the covenant community, with the same hope -- that she will someday come to know Jesus as her Savior and Lord.

 I told her a few days ago that Sunday would be a special day for her, and that she would even get water on her head.  She giggled at that, and was very excited.  This morning she was up and ready to go early, happy to wear a pretty dress, and telling us she was going to get water on her hair!

She took it all in stride -- as she has with every other new or weird experience since we met her.  When the men brought her forward to do the baptism, I saw her pull up her shoulders as she braced herself for the water -- she knew what was coming.  :)  She loved the whole thing.

Pete's blessing over her included Isaiah 51:2-3 -- a passage our friend Awara shared with us last week.  Just as God blessed Abraham, who was just "one," when he was called, but became a multitude, so we pray that the Lord will multiply his blessings to Jinna Rai, and that all her desert places will become fertile gardens.  May she continue to thrive and flourish in this new life!

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