Tuesday, August 1, 2017

No lions and tigers, but BEARS -- and MOOSE!

The first day in the Tetons we heard there were bears around, so we eagerly set off to the wilderness to find them!  But after hiking for hours, we had had no sightings at all.  As the group re-gathered in the parking lot to figure out what we were going to do next, suddenly we spotted a mama bear and her 2 cubs!  They just walked down right into the throngs of cars and people in the middle of the day.

My picture of them turned out horrible, but Al's picture was much better.

Al's picture

My picture

Then one evening after dinner when we went out driving to look for wildlife, we suddenly spotted  moose right by the side of the road!  Again, the pictures aren't awesome, but the animal sure was.

We also saw thousands of pronghorns, a bunch of bison, and some various deer/elk combinations, so the excitement abounded for our animal lovers!

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