Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thoughts on this election day

I have found myself less passionate than usual on this election day... and I know many people would scream, "WHAT?!  But THIS is the year that our entire future is being decided!  If the wrong guy gets elected today, our whole country will fall apart in a matter of days, if not minutes!  Get with the program, Amy!"

I think my limited apathy (and it is limited -- I did vote!), is largely due to the fact that I feel like we have reasonably good options, and a reasonably good chance to make our voices heard.  While this statement would probably outrage 97% of my friends, in both political parties, I still believe that most of the people running for public office are in fact trying to do what is right, and not out (primarily, anyway) to get rich by cheating the people.  Perhaps I'm just naive or have watched too many movies with patriotic music swelling at the end.

But after living in a country still in the shadow of communism, I have a greater appreciation for our options in America.  

After seeing how hopeless people can become in a land in which the politicians are openly corrupt, stealing from the masses to build their own coffers, changing election rules to keep themselves in office indefinitely, I am glad we still have the opportunity to vote for change. 

After watching a parliament elect a president only by changing the voting time at the last minute so an entire political party missed the vote, I am grateful for as much consistency and transparency as we have in elections here in this country -- even if not complete.

No political system is perfect here on earth, but in comparison with some others, ours sure is pretty good.  I'm thankful today that I did not wake up in a situation in which I feel oppressed, with no options.  Hope is a powerful thing.

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