Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Back to School

I went to take a nap at around 1:30 on June 30th, and woke up this past week to find it was time to start school again!  So we've hustled around and gotten all the plans and routines set, and as of this morning, Poplar Streams Academy is back in session.

Over the weekend we had our traditional Treasure Hunt, preceded by making some homemade ice cream.  Both events were greeted with glee!

Making ice cream (without an automated maker... thank you, Pinterest):

 Going through the spoils after all the Treasures had been found:

Check out this super-long Timeline that folds out of a book we got. (Thanks for the tip, Mom!)

The whole school
The first day of school wasn't exactly greeted with glee, but there were plenty of smiles.
1st day of 1st grade
1st day of 5th grade

 And even some laughter -- for some reason, doing the Pledge of Allegiance and singing some songs became quite funny.

We had our Annual First Day of School Breakfast -- Apple Pie -- so that might account for the extra giddiness and energy.  :)

Then we got down to the real work of the day, broken up by a mid-day bike ride.  (And somehow someone's bike ended up in a tree.... but that's a different story.)

Really, they DID learn some things today.

It makes me a little sad that this is probably the last year of Poplar Streams Academy at full capacity.... Next year we'll have a high-schooler and that will undoubtedly mean some changes!  For now, I'm soaking up the moments with these pupils.

...And I'll add this little gem in, too.  Here is Strider on the first day of his school program ("Bridge"), trying not to smile.  I think he looks so handsome with his shirt tucked in (a school requirement)!

He had a good first day there, too.  Everyone's looking forward to the new school year.... mostly.  :)

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