Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Kingwood Gardens

Between coming home from Moldova and a family wedding in Minnesota, there wasn't time last summer for our annual pilgrimage to Ohio, so we are happy to be back this year.  And first on our list of things to do was visit Kingwood!

 Colsen couldn't wait to go back and see some peacocks, so he was thrilled when we saw the male and the female-- and a baby!

I had never seen a baby peacock before!
 We also saw other creatures:

Watching the family of ducklings

Hitting Gee-Gee up for quarters to buy bird food
Spotting some frogs in the pond!
Hiding under a lily pad
Can you spot the miniature frog, the bigger
frog head, and the tadpole?
 Also spotted:  These wild creatures!

And we enjoyed the flora as well:

 (We had to take the requisite "fountain shots" -- Strider refused to come because he has been photographed here too many times)

Dutifully following the instructions to stand next to the fountain

"If I can't win, I'm not going to race" -- says the one slumped on the ground.

It was a beautiful spot and a beautiful time with the 3 younger kids!  (Pete, Bud and Strider stayed home to do some more manly things.  :)  )

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