Saturday, August 17, 2013

Turning 11

Our little lady turned 11 this week!  And she is soaked up every drop of joy on her birthday.  I saw this quote that day and it reminded me of her:

There is no desire to stop playing in this child!  I doubt she will ever grow old.

The first birthday treat for her was to go to her beloved carousel:

 Afterwards, we went out to lunch at a wonderful café, and then wonders of all wonders, we went to a chocolate shop and actually each picked out a special chocolate!  (Obama was here recently so we were excited to see what he bought.)

 Then, Gee-Gee took the 3 younger kids to a children's interactive play museum and Rayna (and her brothers) got to play and play and play!  She LOVED it (they all did).

Playing pediatrician

Styling Milo's hair

Playing school
 After all that PLAY, we came home to a lovely salmon dinner and then ice cream cake!

As with everything else in the day, Rayna LOVED her gifts -- a couple purses, some jewelry and some art supplies.

This girl is the most fun person to plan a birthday celebration for because she appreciates everything!  All day long we've been hearing, "Thank you for hanging up those streamers!  Thank you for getting me a cake!  Thank you for taking me out to the carousel!"  etc,, etc. 

We love our grateful, enthusiastic, joyful, playful girl!

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