Monday, August 12, 2013

Pennsylvania Trip

Whew -- it's been a whirlwind of a week!  In the last 6 days we've slept in 4 different house in 3 states, seen 21 relatives from both sides of the family, and been on numerous hikes and long car rides.  And we didn't have internet access for a lot of it, so I'm just now re-surfacing to the rest of the world!

After a long trip up to Pennsylvania on Wednesday (full of as many activities as we could think of to keep Miles from saying, "When are we EVER going to get there?" repeatedly), we eventually made it to Uncle Pete and Aunt Lisa's warm and welcoming home.  We apparently arrived at the same time as the rain, and like us, the rain chose to stick around PA for the next few days.  :(

On Thursday we found that we had some extra time to kill before joining up with the Greater Frank Family in the Laurel Highlands, so we meandered around, discovering a quaint little town and also, completely out of character for us, stopping at a place called "Caddie Shack" to do some car racing!

"No, really, I AM tall enough -- see?"

Later we arrived at the house that friends of the Boyers graciously allowed us to use for our reunion.  It ended up being quite large, with plenty of space for all 20+ of us, and had a big deck and backyard we enjoyed.  Even though it rained for a lot of the time we were there, we still managed to fit in several adventures.  One day, for example, we had a lovely 30-minute hike to a waterfall -- followed by a rapid 15-minute run back to the cars in a complete down-pour.  We all were drenched to the skin -- but still smiling (mostly).

"Look, I can fly now!"

It was fun watching the cousins all play together, and seeing them all hugging each other and saying goodbye in the driveway at the end made me a little teary.  How blessed we are to be part of such a big, loving, loud, crazy family!

So, now we're having a quieter few days in Ohio with Grandpa and Gee-Gee.  We're excited to do some exploring in Mansfield!  (And I'm excited to be back online. :)  )

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