Friday, July 4, 2014

4th of July Races

All week we've been looking forward to this day.... and gathering our supplies.
 We began the morning with some big races for 5 of us.  Pete, Strider and Colsen all registered for the neighborhood 5K, while Rayna and Miles signed up for the 1K.

 And they're off!  Here comes Strider...

 ....and Daddy and Colsen...
 Then 1K started
 .... and not too long later, Mr. Miles came zooming down for the finish line.

 And Rayna finished strong, too!

Pete and Colsen both finished 4th in their age groups.  Colsen's time was 28 minutes -- pretty good for a first race!

Strider beat his time from last year, too.  So all the way around, I was very proud of my family!

(Even though I was not registered for anything with a "K" in the name, I spent the morning racing around anyway taking pictures, getting drinks, etc!)

As soon as all the running was over, it was time to collect our bikes, and the cousins, and head over for the bike parade.....

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