Wednesday, July 16, 2014


After much pleading, planning, and packing, we have finally made it to the beach -- Litchfield-By-The-Sea!

As we pulled into the resort it was pouring rain, but almost immediately it stopped.  Before we were able to check into our condo, we made a quick jaunt to the ocean, which everyone was dying to see.  Of course we had to climb a few trees on the way...

Once we dug the swimsuits out of the car, everyone was carousing in the water.

But then some more clouds rolled in...

... so we rolled into our condo.

Day 1 ended with some free appetizers at the health club, some dinner, and some exploring around the resort.  Awesome start to the trip!

p.s. Our condo has a rooftop balcony, and as the boys were climbing around, I heard my favorite quote of the day (from Miles):

"Colsen, don't be a monkey!  It's dangerous to be a monkey climbing around when you're on the ROOF!"

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