Monday, July 21, 2014

Final Beach Highlights

On the roof of our condo
We are back home, and within an hour, Colsen was already moaning about how much he misses the ocean.  Everyone wants to know if we can go back SOON.  (I hope so!)

Here are some of the other highlights from our trip:

1.)  Riding bikes everywhere.  I love that we are at the stage of life (finally) in which the kids are all pretty independent.  We all could just hop on our bikes and head to the beach with very little effort or fuss.  Yay!

 2.) Alligator sightings.  We saw several -- never caught them with a camera, though.  One time we were quite close to one, which the boys thought was pretty cool.  This is the pond outside our condo where they swam around.

3.)  Racquetball games.  We introduced Strider to the game, then Ellie, then the younger folks... Everyone is hooked, I think.  Dad and Uncle Dan proved to be the overall champions, but Pete and I held our own pretty well, too.  Now to find some courts around here...

4.) Playing with cousins.

5.) Enjoying the sunsets.

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