Monday, July 14, 2014

Summer Miscellany

I've neglected to keep up with each little highlight of our summer, so here they are all in one big fell swoop  (the ones I can remember, or have taken pictures of, anyway).

 There was a fantastic VBS week, during which I took NO pictures, but wished I had.  Rayna, in particular LOVED it.  Everytime she arrived and heard the music, she would run in gleefully dancing.  Since it was about "weird animals," the boys thought it was pretty ok, too.

Then there was a nature walk/journaling day at Squirrel Lake Park.  Colsen brought his friend, Scout, who likes to act a little goofy once in awhile (so he fits right in around here).
 We also had a day of bowling with some friends:

 Last week we all dressed up like cows to get $42 worth of free food at Chick Fil-A.... but somehow all of our pictures from that day have disappeared.  Very strange.

We've also had some nice lunches at Mor-Mor's place.  Colsen announced last time that it was one of the best lunches he's ever had.

In the in between times, there has been plenty of time for searching for runaway lizards in the house,

 .... and waiting for hummingbirds to discover our feeder outside the house.

 There has also been far too much climbing for my liking:

 (They're all training for "American Ninja Warrior" now)

I realize Pete and Strider have not featured prominently in these pictures.  The main reasons for this are A:)  Strider's been at camp (WHICH WAS AWESOME, he says), and Pete's been hard at work on some projects around the house.  He has painted all 3 bathrooms now (all the same color... I'm trying to keep things simple and efficient!), and he's also put in this nice rock edge for me in the front of our house:

I guess it's a little hard to see.... but it looks good in person!

So, it's been a good summer thus far!

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