Friday, August 15, 2014


Rayna hit this milestone yesterday, and celebrated with glee.  After waking up at 5 am to run downstairs and see her streamers and look for presents, and then being convinced to please go back to sleep, she was ready for a fun day.

Since Ellie and Ava are some of her favorite people in the world, we all went up to their house to spend some time together.  The 4 big kids (including Strider, who begged and pleaded for Rayna to invite him) all went to Defy Gravity, a big trampoline play park, where they had a blast.

Meanwhile, I stayed back with the younger folks, including Katie's kids who came over for awhile.  Good ol' cousin time!  We also went to visit Mor-Mor for a little while.

Comparing casts
Since Pete attended a conference last evening, we decided to postpone the real birthday dinner until tonight.  A special dinner was topped off with what everyone had been waiting for all day -- an ice cream "cake" made by Colsen, Miles and I.  Rayna wrote the big 12 on it herself with some cake decorating tips sent to her by cousin Grace and the Pittsburgh crew.  :)

She's had a great birthday!!

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