Monday, August 11, 2014

...And we also hate broken bones!

(This is a fake cry--
 he's being silly on purpose)
...  Especially when they happen within 4 days of a head injury!

Yes, back to the same Urgent Care doctors we went yesterday, with the same child.  This time it was his arm.

We had all been in the backyard, where I kept saying, "Come down from there," and "Stop jumping on that," and "Calm down."  Right as we were about to go in, Miles, while we were not paying attention, attempted the monkey bars -- which he had been told not to do because of the staples in his head.

We saw him fall, but it was just a 2-3 foot drop, so didn't think much of it.  (Later he told us he was attempting some sort of "salmon ladder" trick he saw on American Ninja Warrior).  He cried out a little, but not much -- then said, "Oh no -- Look!"

We looked over and he was holding up his arm -- which was twisted into an S shape above his wrist.  Pete and I both jumped up in a panic, and off we rushed to Urgent Care, Pete hold him to his chest the whole way, repeating, "Just don't look at it!"

Miles never really cried or got hysterical, which was really weird -- especially once the doctors saw the x-ray and realized both bones had been broken.  We're very thankful for God's mercy, that Miles was able to stay calm!

The doctors at Urgent Care called ahead to the Children's Hospital in the city and told us they would be waiting for us there.  Maybe they were, but they still made Pete and Miles wait an awfully long time!  They weren't sure if they were going to have to do surgery, so Miles wasn't allowed to eat anything the whole time.  :(

Finally, 7 hours after the original fall, they set the bones correctly (with NINE people in the room to do it), and then wrapped up the cast, giving Pete instructions for various follow-up appointments over the next few weeks.

As we were transporting Miles between Urgent Care and ER, he looked up at me and said, "Guess I'm not going to be able to suck my thumb anymore."  Maybe that's the good thing coming out of all this-- he's having to quit cold turkey!  He has also reminded me that I promised him a Mini-Golf outing whenever we went 3 days without sucking his thumb, so it looks like we'll be out hitting a few balls in the next few days -- one of us one-handed, though.

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