Friday, August 8, 2014

I hate head injuries (again)

Miles was in a bad bike crash on Wednesday and knocked his head hard on our driveway.  (There are still blood stains on the driveway, which Strider cheerfully posted on Instagram -- after Miles was feeling better.)

The immediate concern was the volumes of blood pouring out of the back of his head and down his shirt, but since I had seen his head do this before, I didn't quite panic.  Strider and I were able to pull the skin of his head back together and wrap it all up with gauze, so the bleeding stopped.

But then it became apparent he probably also had a concussion, so I got to the play the oh-so-stressful "Should I Take Him To Urgent Care" game all afternoon.  Poor guy was very much not himself, and felt awful for hours.

When Pete fiiiiiinally got home several hours later, the attention returned back to his scalp wound, and Pete was adamant that he did indeed need stitches, even though it was no longer bleeding profusely.  So, to Urgent Care they went, where I really do wish we had a Frequent Shopper's card.

Ten staples later, Miles came home, finally acting like his normal self.

This is him the next day -- when he was actually feeling fine,
but just re-enacting how he felt the previous day
We were very relieved.

I told the boys that from now on when the get dressed in the morning, they should also just go ahead and put on helmets for the day.

 Meanwhile, I'm trying to keep them on the ground playing quiet games.... which is only sort of working.

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