Friday, August 8, 2014

At dinner tonight

Even with one child missing, we still had lively dinner conversation tonight, including…
  • A discussion about the precepts taught in the book, “Wonder.”  One of them was, “It is better be kind than to be right.”  I immediately started to disagree with that, and started compiling my arguments for why… well, why I was right.  I think I have a problem. 
  • Kids coming up with their own precepts.  Colsen’s was:  “Even if you think someone else has more toys than you or has gotten to go to more places in the world, still you shouldn’t compare yourself with them because you have a good life.” 
  • People re-enacting the “Inky Binky Bonky” rhyme, complete with the “donkey” dying on the floor, and Daddy crying.
  • Questioning whether it’s better to be beautiful or nice.  We decided it depended on whether we were talking about people or things.
  • All the usual talking-over-one-another with at least 2 conversations happening at any one point.
  • All the usual poor manners, with constant corrections from the parents.

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