Sunday, September 14, 2014

Are we ready for some football??

Strider sure is... not sure I am.

Finally, for his third game of the season, I was able to attend and watch him in action.  The first 2 games were "away" and too far for all of us to travel to.  Last week, he had a "pick-6" when he intercepted the ball and returned it for a touchdown, so we were bummed to miss that.

This week, though, he was chosen to be one of the team captain's, so it was a good game to be present for.  (I read recently on some grammar web site that it's actually OK to end a sentence with a preposition when you're not writing formally.  Since I never write formally, this was very freeing for me!)

Anyway, he had a pretty good game, although the team lost.  During the play I was actively photographing, he caught some sort of kicked ball.... and then promptly got flattened.  The sound made me cringe.... wish that wasn't part of the game.
#17 -- about to catch the ball
#17 -- caught the ball
#17-- about to be flattened
Lining up for another play
 I really hope he doesn't get too hurt this season.  At least he's wearing lots of pads and helmet -- which makes him look so old!

And he's so handsome, too.

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