Wednesday, September 24, 2014

This week's accomplishments

This week Strider kicked over (yes, kicked) the floor lamp in the living room, and the glass top shattered into a million pieces (making it the second floor lamp he has destroyed in a few short months).

BUT, he also cleaned up the entire thing, all million pieces, all by himself.  So I celebrate that.

This week the kids have destroyed room after room after room in mere seconds, leaving reams of half-drawn-on paper, markers without caps on, and shreds of little things in the wakes behind them.

BUT, a few different times now I have noticed Rayna completely voluntarily straightening things up in the living room.  She puts pillows back on the couch, folds blankets, throws everything in the toy box (even things that don't belong in there.... but I don't really mind).  So I celebrate the fact that I am no longer the only warrior against entropy in this house!

This week the younger boys took it upon themselves to declare Independence from us and stated they would write both a Declaration and a new Constitution which would apply to their own room.

BUT, they then assembled themselves, after some argument into 2 different branches of government, went through the bill-writing and bill-passing/vetoing steps for making laws, and developed this document.

So I celebrate the fact that they recognize neither smoking* nor peeing should be done in one's room.

Significant accomplishments all the way around, I'd say.

*And next week we'll work on spelling.

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