Thursday, September 18, 2014

Recent conversations

I spoke at a women's retreat recently and Strider watched me prepare and write up my thoughts ahead of time.  He kept asking me if I was going to have a funny story at the beginning.  When I told him I wasn't, he was quite distraught.  He insisted it was going to go all very badly if I couldn't make them laugh first.  (I felt the same way, but still couldn't just throw in a random funny story for that reason!)

When I arrived home from the retreat, the very first thing Strider said to me was, "So how did it go?  Did you see a whole bunch of blank stares while you were talking?"

So nice to know he has such a high estimation of my speaking abilities.

And speaking of his high estimation of his parents, I also had this conversation with him recently:

Strider:   ARGHHGHGH!  Oh no!!  This is terrible!!!

Me:  What?!  What's wrong??!!

Strider:  Now it's going to rain tomorrow and I won't get to play my football game!

Me:  How do you know that??

Strider:  Because Dad just said it probably WON'T rain, and he's always WRONG!!

I'm thankful to report, though, that while some members of the family have a rather low opinion of some parents, some other members of the family are actually even impressed with other members:

 The other day I told Rayna I was taking her to Madison's Coffee Shop for her first dance class of the year.  She, of course, was overjoyed.  "Madison's Coffee Shop??  Yes!  7878!" she exclaimed.

We have been to this coffee shop a few other times, but the last time we were there was probably about a month ago.  So, Colsen and I were quite impressed when we pulled up to the shop and noticed there was the number 7878 above the door!

Colsen said, "Wow!  She remembered that?  She has a good memory, doesn't she?  What would be a good job for someone like that with a good memory??....  I know!  She could be a Secret Agent!"

I love seeing them appreciate each other.  :)  May it last!

Meanwhile, Miles supplies us with plenty of random topics to talk about..... Just today he was going on and on about how glad he is that he is not water.  "Because then I might have to go in someone's belly and it would be too hot!  Or I might get put in a pot and it's so hot!  Or I might have to go in a toilet.... ewwwww!"

There have been other, well, interesting conversations that I've overheard lately.... such as the one in the car when the boys were trying to inform each other about the distinction between constipation and the Constitution.... but not every conversation must be documented.

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