Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moving into the mobile age

Ok, did I win??  Am I the very last person I know to get a smartphone?  For a long time we've been in what I call the Smartphone Donut:  too poor to get our own phones and too rich to get free ones from Obama.  So Pete and I have shared a puny one, and then I've had a silly pre-paid flip-phone that I used for the rare times that we need a second one.

But when I won our team 200 points at a Young Life fundraiser several months ago because I was the only one in the large room to have a flip-phone, I realized I was taking the "late adopter" status a little too far.

Pete's new position at work gives him a phone for free (!) which means I can now obtain my own as well.  So I jumped on my brother-in-law's family plan (because I think that means he pays for it -- right?)     .

Taking a pic of me while
 I take one of her
Strider then inherited the flip-phone, as well as the responsibility to pay for the minutes.   Rayna, meanwhile, saw her opportunity and quickly pounced on the old phone that Pete and I used to share.  It is no longer connected to any network, of course, but she loves the fact that it has a camera, a calculator, and a calendar that she can input her name into.

 (Now it periodically chimes an alarm and when I go to check on it, it will have the calendar popped up with something like, "Rayna Frn from 3:00-4:00.")

And, she now walks around with it all the time, looking at the screen and muttering to herself, "This is too small.  I need to get a bigger phone.  I NEED a bigger phone!"   (Where did she learn that??)

So I guess we've become mobile with a vengeance.

At least these 2 still need to see their screens from a distance.  :)
(I love that they sit like this together when they watch TV)

 If anyone wants my new number, let me know!

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