Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of July, Part 1

Miles announced today that the 4th of July is his favorite holiday of them all -- "even more than Christmas" because we do so many fun things.  And we really did pack in a full day of events:  running races, bike parade, hat contest, neighborhood picnic, games, dancing, then dinner at my parents with the greater Wray clan, and fireworks.

So the day started off bright and early with 3 of our guys running a 5K in the neighborhood.  Here they are, in their order of finishing:

This was the first year Strider beat Peter -- a milestone for sure!  They actually all finished within about a minute of each other -- personal bests for everyone.

Then it was Miles' and Rayna's turn to run the 1K race:

Cute Rayna ran the whole thing in a dress!
Then it was time to hop on the bikes for the bike parade:

Afterwards, at the picnic, Milo entered his helmet in the Hat Contest, and won 2nd place!

Then, the games began in earnest:

And then Rayna's favorite part -- the dancing!

And then it was time to go home and catch our breath.... and then get ready to head out to Nonna and Poppa's!

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