Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chincoteague Island Vacation

The Boyers invited us to go with them to Chincoteague this summer, and since both of our families have some horse lovers, it was a great location to explore. Assateague Island, right across from Chincoteague, is uninhabited and a wildlife preserve where wild ponies have lived for a long time.  Aunt Sue and Grandpa and Gee-Gee also came along, so it was a mini Frank family reunion.

It turned out there were two beaches we could choose from:  one you could drive to, which, according to the Boyers, was completely packed, OR one you could only bike to (about 2.5 miles).  That beach was completely empty since you had to be pretty devoted to get there, so that's the one we chose!  Biking back and forth was lovely because it was all through a wildlife preserve;  when it was windy it became slightly arduous, but overall was nice.  Our hotel was located just 1/4 mile from Assateague Island, so we could just bike from the hotel.

Grandpa and Gee-Gee made the the trek everyday!
Biking selfie

Rayna took it all in stride

We got to the beach and found this sign.
Poor Miles -- he sure loves to be naked!

So beautiful there!

Strider and Nate did a lot of wakeboarding

At night we had dinner together -- and had the opportunity to hear some more episodes of the Carol Thompson Cooking Show!  Those kids sure are not lacking in personality.

And, of course, the highlight of the whole trip, especially for Colsen, was seeing the wild ponies!

We had read "Misty of Chincoteague" before the trip, so it was really neat to see all the places mentioned in the book, and picture Paul and Maureen spotting the Phantom and Misty.  It was a memorable adventure!

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  1. We drove through Assateague Island with our Spanish exchange student on Saturday while we were down in Ocean City, MD visiting friends. I remember camping there with my family when I was a young teenager, and I'm pretty sure we read "Misty" during our trip.