Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Changes are afoot

We've been busily researching, brainstorming, sketching, deciding, running to Lowe's, getting quotes, second-guessing ourselves, shopping at antique stores, running back to Lowe's, painting, sanding, cutting, measuring, running back to Lowe's, hiring, re-brainstorming, and running back to Lowe's.

And finally we're beginning to see the first steps of progress in our home renovations.

For example, this was our foyer yesterday:

Meanwhile, I have been re-painting our dining room table and chairs.  Here is what I have been doing for a large portion of my day, every day, for lo this many days:

Since we have been without dining room furniture for a few weeks, we have been eating on our card tables.... but one of them was so bad, I decided I should go ahead and give IT a makeover, too.

That one was MUCH easier.  Only 15 minutes.  :)

Will post more pictures as we have them....

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