Friday, October 16, 2015

Backyard Wonders

After learning about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World a few weeks ago, the boys announced recently that they had been constructing the 7 Wonders of the Frank Backyard.  As their teacher, I thought it was pretty cool that they were applying their knowledge in a creative way.  As their landlord and groundskeeper, Pete may not be quite as amused... we'll see.

They took me on a tour yesterday.  Each structure had a fancy name, like The Temple of Leafdom or something.

Now today they are on to new endeavors -- specifically working on a large Leaf Labyrinth, "with dead ends and everything."

Meanwhile I found great delight in this scene in backyard when we got home from a quick library trip:

The boys couldn't wait to take their books up to their tree fort to read.  Reading in a tree fort on a beautiful fall day -- IS there anything better??

You may notice Strider in the background -- doing flips on the trampoline.

Rayna is in the waaaay background, nicely finishing her homework.

All 4 kids happy and productive -- a Wonder for sure!

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