Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ohio Fall Weekend

For their fall break, Pete took the younger 3 kids up to visit Grandpa and Gee-Gee for a few days!  They had a great time doing all the classic Fall activities...

Note:  Pete took all of these pictures, so I am not responsible for the fact that there are no pictures of Bud, only one of Jane, and none of Pete.  They were, to the best of my knowledge, full participants of all the activities, just not photographed.

And the reason I neither photographed nor participated in the trip was because of our other child:  the firstborn who currently needs a personal chauffeur to his many and sundried activities.  We stayed home because he had school (while the others were on break), had a football game he did NOT want to miss, and had some games to ref (his job).  Unfortunately, the games all got rained out, so he did not have quite the weekend he had anticipated.  In fact, he moaned a few times, that he just "should have gone to Ohio!"

BUT, he did at least achieve this milestone:

He is now driving with a NC learner's permit!  We have gone on several hair-raising excursions already... All new adventures are on the horizon...

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