Friday, October 2, 2015


This weekend was supposed to be a Big Adventure Weekend for Pete and the boys. Then we started getting weather forecast reports of major flooding in the mountains where they had intended to go, so that trip got cancelled.

Pete and I scrambled for a new idea to mitigate the Great Disappointment of the boys, and we thought we had found one -- an overnight trip in the other direction, to Fayetteville to watch Strider play a football game.  But then THAT trip got cancelled, too, thanks to the approaching hurricane.

Now Pete and I were really up a creek, facing not just a deluge of rain, but a deluge of tears.

So this morning I told the kids to get out all their books and a pencil, then told them to put on their shoes and get in the car.  Instead of Homeschooling, we did CoffeeShopschooling today!  

It was a huge hit.  Miles said it was the Best Day Ever.  (He proclaims this often, but still it's nice to hear each time.)

Plus they got the bonus education of watching how their donuts got made.

This afternoon Pete came home early from work to take them to the Bass Pro Shop -- also a HUGE hit.  When it comes down to it, these kids are not all that easy to please.  :)

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