Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Team CoLo

Raising these two, Cole and Milo, together has been such a joy.  The idea of having two children of the same gender right in a row made me think of lots of sibling rivalry -- and maybe that will come someday, but that day is not now.  These two are such a team!

Colsen's name means "from a victorious people," and Miles' name means "merciful," and I think they're brothership will help them to grow into their names.  Miles is definitely more of the conquering type right now and Colsen is actually more merciful... we'll see how they rub off on each other!

Meanwhile, they giggle and giggle all day long.  They play bunches of "Let's pretend that you are___" games and they have all kinds of jokes and funny characters they like to resurrect daily.  Ask them about Jo-Jo or Burp-Up or Bob or Bill Swa and you'll get all kinds of silly impressions.  (I just asked Colsen if I was missing anyone and he said, "Well we also have Burp-Down, Burp-Left and Burp-Right.")

When one of them finds a passion, they both find it.  They sharpen each other, iron against iron, in all pursuits, be it fishing, roller blading, playing the violin, or even today's basket weaving.

In school they are learning a lot of the same things (history, Bible, and science we all do together), so they have a lot to build on in their free time.  Right now they're constructing the "7 Wonders of Our Backyard," for instance.  I love hearing them talk about various historical events or even correct each other on their Latin noun-endings song.

And they still roll around and around on the floor like little cubs.

In our Bible time this morning, Colsen announced he had a "sermon" he wanted to preach to us.  As I videoed (just the first few seconds), I realized I had gotten good footage, blurry and all, of both of their personalities.  :)

I'm so glad they have each other.

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