Tuesday, December 29, 2015

12 Days of Christmas Challenge

This is what is currently posted on our refrigerator.  Some of the ideas I shamelessly stole from other such lists, and some I adapted for our family.  I'm calling it a "Challenge" because it's the best way to get this gang even slightly motivated.

I'm thankful that the traditional 12 Days starts December 25 because we seem to have much more time to focus on things like this after Christmas rather than before.  So today we're on Day 5, and even though I'm getting a small amount of pushback (as happens with any initiative I try around here), generally everyone is participating.  It's been a good way to focus on ending one year and beginning another.

(Day 1 was particularly good because my reluctant huggers had to hug 20+ people since we saw a lot of people on Christmas Day!)

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