Friday, December 25, 2015

3 Days, 28 Wrays...

... All in 1 house!

We had to travel clear over nigh unto Virginia to find a place that would fit us all, but it was worth it.

The 16 grandchildren kept us entertained...

....  and awake...

 .... and drinking.

 We had a good time enjoying each other for hours on end.  It was heartwarming to see everyone getting along so well the whole time!

The extra-special bonus for me was that I got to celebrate my birthday with everyone.  It's not many 40-something-year-olds that can hear the Happy Birthday song sung by 27 people -- and can celebrate with all 27 of them all day long!

Thanks, Mom and Dad!  It was a great trip!

3 Days,
28 Wrays,
The Lord we praise!

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