Sunday, December 13, 2015

Doin' some shootin' -- and baking

The boys have been clamoring to go shoot some guns for awhile now, so Pete and Dan decided to take the gang out to Dan's family land for the day yesterday.  Colsen and Miles got their bows ready, too.

It turned out to be an adventurous day, although not necessarily the adventures they were expecting.  First, some of the boys got locked in a convenience store.  From what I understand, the whole group stopped there on the way to the shootin' grounds, and after most of the group had departed, there were still 3 young boys inside -- and the doors closed and locked.  Even the worker at the store didn't know how to open them!  So Pete got his pocket knife out and someone got a crow-bar, and somehow they were able shimmy open the door.

Then, doing some off-roading, the truck the whole group was in got stuck in some very deep mud as they were crossing a creek.  Really stuck.  They finally had to call "some rednecks" to come pull them out.  I keep hearing how NICE those rednecks were.  Colsen says we need to meet more rednecks.

Eventually, though, some shootin' did take place.... before they all had to pile back in and head home.

Meanwhile, Rayna and I found ourselves home with some free time so we did what makes us both happy -- some baking.  We made a bunch of Christmas cookies.  She's getting pretty good at reading recipes and figuring it all out on her own; I was just the supervisor.

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