Friday, December 25, 2015

The Wray Christmas Lake Days: Indoor Activities

Much of the time at the lake house was rainy, so we were thankful for all the indoor space that we had.  It was never quiet!  (The few minutes that the kids were all quiet were, coincidentally, the very same moments that the dramatic music from the Star Wars movies was blaring.)

(You may notice that many of these pictures include an adult or two drinking alcohol.)

Some of the highlights were...

Making "veggie lodges" -- supposed to be an alternative to gingerbread houses.  But this was another case of "what looks too good to be true on Pinterest IS."  The structures didn't work at all... but the kids were undaunted and went ahead and made their own designs.

 Meanwhile, Poppa had all kinds of games to keep both the adults and the kids busy....

 .... and Nonna had crafts and stories for the kids.

The kids played games during the day,
 ... and the adults played games after they went to bed.  Still not sure how the kids stayed asleep through our raucous games of "Word on the Street!"

 And between all of the Secret Santa activities and Nonna's Big Grab Bag Game, there were plenty of gifts to give and receive!

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